Section 1: Contributors/Sources/Resources

Analyzing Grammar in Context 


This text is the compilation of materials developed by

  • Ed Nagelhout
  • Denise Tillery
  • Lauren Cagle
  • Sarah E. H. Lyons
  • Homer Simms
  • Shannon Peevey - For the exercise programming and javascript.
  • And, a special thanks to all of our amazing students over the years for their insightful comments, criticisms, edits, and feedback on the textbook.


This text began originally as a supplement to the textbook that we used at UNLV in ENG 411B: Principles of Modern Grammar:

Klammer, Thomas, Muriel R. Schulz, and Angela Della Volpe. Analyzing English Grammar , 6th ed. New York: Longman, 2010.

Samples, Exercises, and Practice Problems are mostly drawn from public domain ebooks housed at Project Gutenberg:

For analysis purposes only, we have also used or adapted passages from the following sources:

Select Resources (Read Critically!)

Online Style Manuals

Grammar Sites

Interesting Reads

And, for a little fun: Weird Al Yankovic's "Word Crimes"

Also, for those of you who use Chrome, they have an extension that allows you to listen to any web site, including this one: Announcify