Section 1: Goals and Outcomes

Analyzing Grammar in Context has three primary goals. The first goal is to help you develop grammatical skills: recognizing the patterns of English grammar and their influence on sentence structure, punctuation, and style. To achieve this goal, the text will offer tools, strategies, and methods for analyzing and understanding the structure of written text in English and for exploring the relationship between grammar and writing, reading, and thinking.

The second goal is to help you apply your grammatical skills to the writing and reading that you do every day.

And, finally, the third goal is the same as the five outcomes that we promote for the course we teach at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas:

    1. Describe fully English words, phrases, and clauses
    2. Distinguish between the form and function of words, phrases, and clauses
    3. Analyze a sentence for grammatical elements
    4. Recognize how phrases and clauses function in a variety of sentences
    5. Understand rhetorical choices for sentence structure and punctuation

These three goals are meant to be descriptive, rather than prescriptive, and are constructed to help you understand the grammatical structure of English in a writerly manner, to help you explain your grammatical choices effectively and fully, and to help you learn to reach consensus on grammar-related problems in different rhetorical situations.