Welcome to Analyzing Grammar in Context!

This textbook will introduce you to the patterns of English grammar and their influence on sentence structure, punctuation, and style. You will be equipped with analytical methods to understand the structure of the English language and explore the relationships between grammar and writing, reading, and thinking.

Each page will have a pull-down menu at the top of the page to access the seven primary sections. Each page will also include a right-side navigation bar to access each page in that section. 

Section 1 provides a brief introduction to the context of the text and establishes three primary goals.

Section 2 offers two readings that attempt to situate your study of grammar within the larger contexts of written texts and the process of writing.

Section 3 introduces the basic building blocks that we use for teaching grammatical concepts, as well as the primary tools we use to help you apply your understanding of grammar in any rhetorical context.

Sections 4-7 are the main sections of the text, moving you from the smaller units of the English language to the larger units.

Section 4 describes strategies for analyzing words in the context of a phrase, clause, or sentence.

Section 5 describes strategies for analyzing phrases in the context of a clause or sentence.

Section 6 describes strategies for analyzing clauses in the context of a sentence.

Section 7 brings it all together by describing strategies for analyzing and punctuating sentences appropriately and for making effective stylistic choices based on sound rhetorical reasoning.

Finally, we have created a Textbook Site Map that provides an index of all keywords and concepts for easier access than the pulldown menus.